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Instruments     Guitar  Mandolin Banjolin  Double Bass  Clawhammer Banjo

Paul Hamilton first started playing guitar at the age of fourteen at school.
For the first twelve years of his marriage to Margaret and building up a business he did not play at all .
Then in 1989 he started playing one off gigs around local pubs and clubs.
Though a news paper add he met Ray Williams and formed "Rapau" as Ray was a drummer this formed an unusual duo and they played for a few years in most black country pubs and clubs.
All the time they were singing sixties and rock and roll, Paul had been writing songs on a daily bases,
and still believes if you can write a song a day, by the end of the week you should have one that stands out from the rest.
His first CD called
Bigtree was released 1998, a mixture of ballad's, blues and folk.
Being a Brummie lad he was interviewed on the Carl Chinn show (Radio West Midlands) in April 1999 about a song on the "
Bigtree" album called "The Brummagem Boatmen"
Next came
Blue Eyes CD in 2000 the title track was written for his wife Margaret's birthday, and although Margaret has never believed it Paul swears its true.
In 2001 Paul started writing material for a country CD called
Memphis Moon.Some of these track were posted on GarageBand and were heard by a producer in Nashville.
This has led himself and accompanying guitarist Steve Hadley going to play at the Nashville Festival in May 2003.The schedule also included the famous Bluebird Cafe and the Broken Spoke Bar they also played a four week tour of Tennessee, Kentucky and north Georgia.
The "
Acoustically Yours CD" was written for the Nashville trip and is for sale from this website